Monday, 4 May 2009

My Inspiration #1 George Lansbury

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Moving my regular blogging from Plans to Prosper so copying some recent content.

This is the first post in series, hopefully a long series where I blog about who is inspiring me. Inspiration is often a transient thing so who I may consider my main inspiration may be off the agenda next week!

So first up is George Lansbury, who I think is always going to be up at the top.

Born 21st February 1859 in Halesworth, Suffolk, England.

Died 7th May 1940 in London.

Christian Socialist, MP, campaigner on poverty, member of the Independent Labour Party and the Labour Party.

He inspires me because of his practical concern for the poor, not letting anything get in the way of his Christian Socialist and pacifist principles, even suffering two periods in prison.

He was charged with sedition when he published leaflets in support of women's suffrage and spent time in Pentonville prison, being released when he went on hunger strike.

In 1921 he was elected as Mayor of Poplar and together with his colleagues increased the amount of financial aid to the poor in defiance of central government diktat. George and his fellow councilors were imprisoned for four months.

Famous quote
I would close every recruiting station, disband the Army and disarm the Air Force. I would abolish the whole dreadful equipment of war and say to the world "do your worst".
He was the grandfather of Angela Lansbury the actress and Oliver Postgate the animator. He also led James Keir Hardie to become a Christian.

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