Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Iraq War Enquiry

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So Gordon Brown has decided to launch an enquiry into the circumstances of the Iraq invasion. All well and good and not before time but a quick look at the remit and I'm left asking the question, why bother?

Let's look over it:

  • held in secret
  • no legal powers to demand documents or any other written records
  • no legal powers to compel anyone to attend
  • no requirement for evidence to be submitted under oath
  • 'not set out to apportion blame or consider issues of civil or criminal liability'
  • headed by Sir John Chilcot
  • won't report for at least a year
So the public, who have supplied the soldiers whose lives have been lost in Blair's middle eastern jaunt won't get the answers they deserve, there's no guarantee of truthfulness or openness, it's headed by someone who has already exonerated the government over the issues of 'weapons of mass destruction', and the politicos are hoping they'll be long gone even if evidence of wrongdoing manages to sneak out under the radar.

Basically the establishment will decide what questions are to be asked and what answers are to be given. Which means that the end result has already been decided. So why not publish the result now and save a few bob? Because they hope that they'll be able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes and it means that the legal profession will be eligible to pick up a few million for their efforts.

I personally am convinced that the reason for the Iraq war was to keep the oil routes open and controlled by the western powers, specifically the USA.

I look forward to the day when we can ship some suspects off to the International Criminal Court.
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