Monday, 22 June 2009

RBS boss set for £9.6m pay deal

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Oink Oink!

What will it take for the government and the financial industry to start acting with common sense and decency? We now have another snout deep in the trough courtesy of the tax payer and with the connivance of the government.

In 2008 the Royal Bank of Scotland made a loss of £24.1bn - the largest loss in UK corporate history. You and I, the taxpayers of this country then coughed up 20 billion quid to save the bank.

In gratitude the board then paid off Fred Goodwin with a massive pension, the likes of which a working man or woman in this land will never, ever see, a payoff for failure which sums up the corrupt, amoral and sleazy financial world.

The icing on the cake is the realisation that the new masters at RBS will be making 9000 of their staff redundant and obviously holding down wages. I spent 3 years unemployed in the 80s and I really don't know how someone can condemn loyal workers and their families to that and still have the neck to pick up a huge pay packet. Vermin, that's the politest word I can come up with, vermin, the fucking lot of them.

And the glittering decoration to the layer cake is the news that Simon Hester is to be paid a package worth up to 9.6 million quid to run the show.

Dear God, I truly believe the only hope for this forsaken country is all out revolution and a change of system. The political masters and financial string pullers are incapable of changing. They truly believe that they are so important and so far up their own arses that they really do justify the obscene salaries.

Until they can be made to share the pain, one way or the other then nothing will change.


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