Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cast Lead - Amnesty International Report

Gazans left homeless following Israel's Cast L...Image by ISM Palestine via Flickr

Amnesty Internation have produced their report into Operation Cast Lead, conducted by the Israelis in the Gaza Strip.

You can download it here. It makes grim and tearful reading though, as this excerpt shows:

One of the most shocking cases is that of the al-Sammouni family, who lost 31 members of their extended family in the al-Zaytoun neighbourhood, in the south-east of Gaza City. Most of those who perished were killed when one of the family homes, that of Wa’el al-Sammouni, was shelled, seemingly with tank rounds, on 5 January 2009, a day after Israeli soldiers had ordered dozens of family members to move there from a nearby house belonging to the same extended family. In addition to those killed in the attack, several other family members who had been wounded in it died in the following days as they remained trapped in the house because the army did not allow ambulances to reach the area. Several family members bled to death over a three-day period while they waited in vain for someone to rescue them. Children lay for three days without food or water next to the bodies of their dead mother, siblings and other relatives.

If that isn't a war crime then what is?

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  1. It is indeed grim reading, the Israeli State should be in the dock for war crimes. And the attitudes from the West re the initial bombardment was shocking... Miliband's... reaction he gave was of 'grave concern' for the situation.... How pathetic!

  2. There's a few more from the western governments should also be in the dock. One day!


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