Sunday, 30 August 2009

More to read on George Lansbury

Just ordered two more books on that favourite figure of mine from ages past, George Lansbury.

First off is George Lansbury: At the Heart of Old Labour by Dr John Shepherd. Surprisingly I haven't managed to find any reviews of this tome so I'm trusting that it's going to be a good and informative read anyways.

And it's hardback so the size and quality of the print should make things a tadge easier on my eyes!

Secondly a more recent book by Janine Booth, brought to my attention by a blog posting on the Leftwing Criminologist. The book is "Guilty and Proud of it: Poplar's Rebel Councillors and Guardians 1919-25". This one I'm really looking forward to as it deals with the practical outworking of Lansbury's own relationship with those he was elected to represent.Just read an old blog post by Janine Booth regarding Minnie Lansbury. I hope the book will highlight her work as well.
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