Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tax and conscience?

Dispersion of chlorine in World War IImage via Wikipedia

Listening to the radio the other day, can't remember what it was but I do recall something along the lines of ;

home taping/drugs/knock-off cds and dvds contributes to organised crime/mafia/people trafficking/swine flu ( * delete as appropriate )

You know, one of those messages where the authorities want to deter you from doing something slightly dodgy by appealing to your conscience.

Then I got to thinking about the same concept and government taxation. What dodgy dealings does my tax contribute to?
  • invasion
  • war
  • chemical weapons
  • weapons of mass destruction
  • regime overthrow
  • suppression of political dissent
  • kidnapping
  • financial corruption
I'm giving up there, the list is going to be too long.
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  1. Hi Chris,

    For one terrible and awful moment I thought you were contemplating something
    Dodgy. How relived it was then, to read on and learn that you was thinking about the many dodgy transactions that the government carries out everyday with other peoples money and you’ve compiled a good list for starters. But what about the things we don’t always hear about; I’m sure there must be plenty that’s kept out of the public domain. When you think about it the warren run of government and civil servants on a senior level must be spending wads on stuff we don’t even know about?

  2. They always have Jim, and until the system changes they always will. It fits in nicely whilst I'm re-reading Pilger's 'The New Rulers of the world'. It's not just the civil servants but the way the mainstream media spins everything that the government does, especially with the current imperial attitude of our leaders and those of the 'special relationship'.

    I read about their activities and feel nothing but shame and disgust.


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