Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tories Unveil Care Home Guarantee

HARROGATE, ENGLAND - MAY 11: Leader of Britai...
Those caring and sharing Tories are at last showing their caring side and have knocked up some proposals to deal with the issue of care for the elderly.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Tories unveil care home guarantee

Actually it's all bollocks. The nasty party are just throwing some schemes around to enable their parasitic friends, private capital to get more of their blood stained fingers into the pie that is the NHS, and also into the savings of the vulnerable.

They are saying that you can have care in your old age if you cough up £8000 when you hit 65. This 8 grand is trousered by the insurance industry ( interesting how many MPs and ex-MPs grace the boards of insurance companies eh? )

So not only is private capital being given a backdoor into the NHS but you can only benefit if you have the money. And if you haven't got the money? Tough, FOAD as they say.

Wasn't the NHS brought into existence to just deal with the injustices of a system where health care was available only to the wealthy? I look forward to the day when we can claw back the parts of the NHS that have been chipped off and offered to the capitalists - dental, opthalmic and others.

Private capital, keep your hands off the NHS.