Saturday, 16 January 2010

Reward for failure, Fred Goodwin and RNJM

LONDON, ENGLAND - (FILE) Sir Fred Goodwin, t...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
It seems that Fred 'the shred' Goodwin has found himself a new job. Apparently he's been taken on by RNJM as a consultant.

Fred Goodwin was, of course the banker who ran up a £28 billion debt at RBS in 2008, the biggest loss in UK corporate history.

If I was a shareholder at RNJM I would be worried, very worried.

Still, this is Britain, where failure commands rewards.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ditch supertax to stop 9,000 bankers leaving City

So says Boris Johnson according to the London Evening Standard

Boris Johnson threw down the gauntlet to shadow chancellor George Osborne today, urging him to rule out extending the supertax on bonuses.
The Mayor is seeking reassurances that Gordon Brown's tax would not be imposed by a Tory government. The showdown comes after Mr Johnson claimed that up to 9,000 bankers could leave London to escape paying.
Only one thing I have to say;


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Monday, 11 January 2010

Don't forget my other blogs!

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You can find a bit of politics here at Lansbury's Lido.

If you fancy something technical then perhaps have a look at Plans to Prosper.

Or if it's spiritual then why not head over to The Sign Of The Cross?

Shameless self promotion I know but at least you can see a more full picture of who I am.

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A Warning to the Speculators

Hugo Chavez in visita a MilanoImage by rogimmi via Flickr
For whatever reason Venezuela is devaluing their currency. Although this is a story in itself the interesting part for me is the threat from the Venezuelan government and Hugo Chavez to appropriate the assets of anyone using this devaluation to trouser some easy profits off the backs of the rank and file Venezuelan. As the BBC News reports:

Mr Chavez dismissed the criticism on Sunday on his weekly television and radio programme, Alo Presidente, saying there was "no reason for anybody to be raising prices".

He urged his supporters to "publicly denounce the speculator" and warned business owners that he had asked the military to formulate an "offensive plan" that would see them "take over any business, of any size, that plays the bourgeois speculation game".

"I want the National Guard to hit the streets with the people to fight against speculation and take measures," he said, without specifying.

Would that our government had the balls to confront the speculators and the money men that bring such misery to our own corner of the world. Instead they continue to line their own pockets and ensure that their pensions and post-government directorships are all lined up like toy soldiers for their own future. Truly appropriating the assets that belong to the people and the world for their own pleasure.
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