Friday, 19 March 2010

The Masses Are Revolting

Seems that this Labour government is facing a 'spring of discontent'. First we have the BA cabin crew, and coming along are the signallers from the RMT.

A strike by British Airways cabin crew will go ahead after talks between the airline and the Unite union collapsed.

The three-day walkout begins at midnight, with a further four days of action set to commence on 27 March.

BA chief Willie Walsh said the strike was "deeply regrettable". The airline has said 65% of passengers will reach their destination during the action.

Unite's joint general secretary, Tony Woodley, said that BA "ultimately wants to go to war with this union" - BBC News.

So why now? Perhaps with the prospect of a Tory election win, or at least a hung Parliament the brash style of management is flexing it's muscles. With BA we have Wilie Walsh, who perhaps sees himself a 21st Century Michael Edwardes or Ian MacGregor, using a Trojan horse of 'changes in working practices' to attend to a spot of union bashing. And why not, New Labour is on his side and the Tories are cheering from the sidelines.

The media often talks about the unions being dinosaurs in the workplace but the real dinosaurs are ensconced behind executive desks and stalking the boardrooms of Britain's companies. Would that we could send them the way of their prehistoric predecessors!