Monday, 29 March 2010

Moscow Tube Train Bomb Attacks

So there have been more bombs exploded on the subway in Moscow yesterday. At least 37 people have lost their lives. And that's also 37 families that are grieving. A myriad number of people can be affected by events such as these bombings.

It's not all bad news though, at least according to the Daily Mail. Tucked away in the middle of their report is this gem:

The Russian rouble fell to 34.25 from 34.13 against the central bank's euro-dollar basket, on concern the blasts could indicate the start of a bombing campaign against Russian cities.

Russian equity markets were little changed, with the rouble denominated MICEX index up 0.04 percent.
Am I the only one to show a little disgust at the Mail reassuring everyone the markets are ok in the midst of all the death and destruction? Do markets matter more than people?