Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nicola Fisher and Max Clifford

Only a short post but I can feel the bile rising!

Back at the time of the G20 protests there was the situation where a protester was whacked by a police sergeant with a metal baton. The case was going to court and became a bit of a cause. Well the police sergeant was cleared today by the jury. Whether this was the right verdict or not was overshadowed by what I heard on the radio on the way home from work, namely that Nicola Fisher has involved in a deal with Max Clifford and was reputed to be picking up 26 grand. According to the London Evening Standard it's closer to 50 grand! And if I could be bothered to read the papers I would have known this months ago.

Max chuffing Clifford! Max chuffing Clifford!

I can't describe how sour a taste this leaves in my mouth. Someone who was protesting against a brutal financial system and the role of the police in guarding that system now gets on her hands and knees to drink from the very same trough.

Digusted. Disappointed. Downright pissed-off.

I'm off to listen to Paul Robeson singing the Anthem of the USSR before my head explodes.

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