Friday, 7 May 2010

The Socialist Sixth of the World

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So who wrote this?

"England is the land of justice." Nine in ten of the comfortable classes take this for granted. Yet it is false. Where is justice when, in times of slump, two million unemployed are restrained by force from access to land, machines, and tools with which they could be profitably employed, and condemned to eke out a miserable existence in enforced idleness and dwarfing poverty? Where is justice when, in an age of potential plenty, millions live in needless want; and half Britain is paralysed by fears of sickness, old age, or the other insecurities and vicissitudes of life ?
It is taken from a publication called "The Socialist Sixth Of The World" by The Very Reverend Hewlett Johnson who was commonly know as the Red Dean. He was the Dean of Canterbury from 1929 to 1963 and was infamous for his support of the Soviet Union from the October Revolution until his death in 1966.

He died in 1966 but it's only now that his family have released thousands of documents from his archive. Here's to hoping that they become publicly available as to me his life seems absolutely fascinating. I come to Socialism not through Marxism (although I may or may not disagree on specific aspects) but through Christianity so anything like the life of Hewlett Johnson is especially interesting to me.

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