Friday, 30 July 2010

Jailed for throwing an egg

A bloke who threw an egg at 'Baroness' Warsi and called her 'Cameron's bitch' has been banged up for 6 weeks. As the Daily Mail reports :

A Muslim convert who pelted a Tory peer with eggs was jailed for six weeks yesterday.

Gavin Reid, 23, targeted Baroness Warsi as Islamic extremists shouted abuse at her, including 'Cameron's bitch', in a 'planned and deliberate' confrontation.

At least three eggs were hurled at the high-profile champion of Muslim women's rights, one of which broke on her face, soiling her hair and jacket.
Protester who hurled an egg at Muslim Tory minister Baroness Warsi is found guilty | Mail Online

I have to say that this seems a bit much for what is often accepted as a legitimate means of protest. I can't seem to remember anyone previously jailed for this type of protest in the past, and there's been plenty of historical precedent for egging politicians. Take the odious Nick Griffin of the BNP, he was egged a few months ago but I don't remember any police or court action involved.

Was it because he is a muslim or that Warsi is a muslim? Makes you wonder.

And should it be 'jailed' or 'gaoled'?