Sunday, 4 July 2010

Local LibDem Highs and Lows

My local Tories knocked up a despicable election leaflet for the local elections earlier this year which was racist at worst and disingenuous at best. I blogged about it here.

Now the local LibDems have sent round a leaflet a major part of which is refuting the claims of the Tories. And good on them. Here's a few choice items from the list:

  • Rushmoor's waiting list is actually 2766 of which only 89 are Asian-Other. 
  • Rushmoor housed 5 Nepalese families between April 2009 and March 10
  • Rushmoor council estimates 3,000 Nepalese in Rushmoor against the 9,000 the Tories claimed
  • GP problems are nationwide and no data exists down to council level
  • Mayfield is not the 3rd most deprived ward in Hampshire. Breaking Mayfield down there is one area which can be ranked 3rd. (likely the one I live in!)
So good on the LibDems but their good work in unraveling the racism from the Tories is somewhat let down by the same leaflet highlighting their support for the ConDem government and their somewhat flexible principles!