Saturday, 4 September 2010

Voting for the next Leader of the Labour Party.

It may be over 25 years since I tore up the yellow folded card with Clause IV printed boldly on it but it seems I still have a vote to influence the choosing of the next leader of the Labour Party. Got an envelope from the Electoral Reform Services today with details on how to vote together with some bumph from Unite. I had quite forgotten about my opting in to the union's political fund.
So what rag-tag buch have put themselves up for 'the job'?

Diane Abbot

Pros: Seems to talk some sense.
Cons: 'That' school issue.

Ed Balls

Pros: Not David Milliband
Cons: Stinks of New Labour

Andy Burnham

Pros: Promises to refocus the Labour Party away from being London-centric.
Cons: Previous govermental positions means he's got a whiff of New Labour about him.

David Milliband

Pros: Erm?
Cons: Iraq, torture allegations, stinks of New Labour

Ed Milliband

Pros: backed by toss-pot Kinnock
Cons: backed by toss-pot Kinnock
So there we go, so who should I be voting for?