Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Changes afoot

I've decided, after a long deliberation to stop posting at this blog, and also at another one I author. For good or bad I'm not stopping posting, just doing it at another platform.

Both of these have been merged at lansburyslido.posterous.com. Unfortunately some of the comments seem to have been lost in the merge. But they will remain here for posterity.

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Full Employment

Capitalism isnt workingImage by Tess.McGill via Flickr
Full employment - Was it a myth or did we at one time have 'full' employment?

And by full employment I don't mean no unemployment but that whoever was able and wanted to work could find a job within a reasonable time frame. There will always be some unemployment with even the most 'benign' capitalist system. (If such a thing exists!)

Back in the mists of time in 1979 I left school with my clutch of CSEs and GCEs and I had a choice - go to college or get a job. For good or bad I chose to get a job. Looking back I don't remember any time where me or my friends did not have a job, nor do I remember anyone signing on the dole. There was always work, especially for the youth. Some of my friends used to start a new job on a Monday, get the sack on the Friday and somehow have a new job to roll into the following Monday. Certainly for the first 4 or 5 years of my working life I never had a problem getting a job.

I don't remember ever being aware of unemployment until about the time of the Miner's strike when it certainly did become an issue. Indeed towards the end of Thatcher's reign I also would be joining the ranks of those claiming the dole, a new chapter in my life that would last for three years out of the following four.

Should I wipe the rose tint from my glasses or is it true that we once had 'full' employment and a dogmatic political decision stripped this nation of that benefit?