Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within: Mi5, Maxwell and the Scargill AffairThe Enemy Within: Mi5, Maxwell and the Scargill Affair by Seumas Milne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Been meaning to read this book since it came out but never got round to it. I really, really wish I'd read it sooner though. It's a book that will change how you view the country that you dwell in, how your thoughts of the benevolence of the state crumble to dust.

How a book that exposes such corruption and malpractice at the heart of government, the state and the establishment didn't create an impetus for massive changes is beyond me. Now even in 2012 we can see and know that such duplicity and subversion by the state continues unabated.

This book has also brought to the front a lot of emotion in me - anger, despair, helplessness yet also a feeling that something has to change.

A must read for anyone interested in freedom, politics, the working class and the role of trades unions.

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