Friday, 9 October 2009

Gary McKinnon Refused Extradition Appeal

Gary McKinnonImage via Wikipedia
Gary McKinnon has had his extradition appeal and finally run out of options within the justice system in the UK. Hopefully he'll be appealing through the European Court of Human Rights.

The High Court, which turned down his extradition challenge, decided the case did not raise 'points of law of general public importance' - a prerequisite of being able to pursue a case at the higher level.  Quite how the imposition of a one-sided extradition treaty is not in the general public interest seems to have been lost on the UK legal system. Obviously would've upset the status quo.

His mother has said:
No other country in the world would so readily offer its citizens to the US as sacrificial lambs merely to safeguard a "special political relationship". 
And she'd be right. Quite what it is about the UK's politicians and legal system that transforms them into Uncle Sam's lapdogs is beyond my ken.

Mind you, now Obama's astonishingly been given the Nobel Peace Prize maybe things will change. Then again, likely not. 
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