Animals Matter - PPCs views on hunting

Came across this service from the League Against Cruel Sports where they offer a system where all your Parliamentary Prospective Candidates for the 2015 General Election in your constituency are contacted to find their views on aspects of hunting and animal welfare. The system works by the PPCs clicking on an email sent from me to select their views on the LACS website.

Thought I'd give it a punt as it's very easy to do. So I plug in my details and click the button to send.

In my constituency of Aldershot there are 5 candidates that appeared on the LACSs system.
  • Mr Carl Hewitt - Green
  • Mr Alan Hilliar - Liberal Democrat
  • Sir Gerald Howarth MP - Conservative
  • Mr Gary Puffett - Labour
  • Mr William Walker - UKIP
My emails went out at 11am on Saturday 14th March.

By 7:30 that evening I had an email. It was from Gerald Howarth, the sitting MP. As he said in his email he's a supporter of the Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, so he's no fan of the LACS. No surprises there and I don't expect he's shared his views with the LACS. To give him his due though he does respond promptly to communications. I've badgered him about stuff in the past and he's always got back pretty quickly.

What does surprise me is that none of the others have shown that they have even received my email. I know that this is a constituency where you could take a turd, roll it in glitter, pin an I Love Maggie badge on it and it'd soon be sitting on green leather in Westminster, but come on, no one else has even had the courtesy to respond.

Yes, I know the LACS request is loaded one way with regards to hunting and shooting but in an election year there's really no reason why Hewitt, Hilliar, Puffett and Walker couldn't have got off their arses and replied.



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