Sunday, 14 March 2010

Labour and the BA Strike

Transport Secretary Lord AdonisImage by bisgovuk via Flickr
Another unelected Government Minister is poking his nose into affairs that should be best left to elected representatives. 'Lord' Adonis has called the planned strike by BA cabin crew members of Unite as 'totally unjustified'.

According to the BBC News Adonis has said:

Let's be absolutely clear the stakes are incredibly high in this strike and I absolutely deplore the strike," said Lord Adonis. It is not only the damage it's going to do to passengers and the inconvenience it's going to cause - which is quite disproportionate to the issues at stake - but also the threat it poses to the future of one of our great companies in this country. It's totally unjustified, this strike, on the merits of the issues at stake, and I do call on the union to engage constructively with the company.

Pass me the sickbag please. And I do call upon 'Lord' Adonis to get elected or keep his trap shut. How many more of these unelected career politicians who have used this back-door way to get their nose in the political trough are we going to have to suffer? Them and their ilk have sucked the lifeblood out of the Labour Party for too long.

The Unite union said Lord Adonis "appears badly informed" - more polite than what I'd say.

Oh, and on the BBC Site it was funny to see this callout box:

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