Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Benefit Cheats Alert

The Daily Mail headline screams "Middle-class benefit cheat wife claimed to be single mum while husband earned £1,500 a week and son went to private school".

She screwed £11,500 out of the tax payers.

David Laws did the tax payers over for £40,000 in MPs' expenses which he wasn't entitled to.

She has found it difficult to get employment as she has been branded a scrounger.

David Laws was suspended from Parliament but doesn't need to work with an estimated personal wealth of £1 to £2 million and a previous career as a parasitic investment banker.

She now faces jail as she finds it difficult to repay the cash as she effectively can't get employment.

David Laws is now being brought back into government by his chum Cameron.

I know whose behaviour I would be thinking of as the worse of the two but it's a funny old world.

If anyone might be thinking, I'm not picking on Laws personally, it's just that he makes an obvious target.