Friday, 7 September 2012


I used to be in the Labour Party and somehow still reminisce through rose tinted glasses about how we were going to change the world. Mad romantic dreamer that I am. Step forward Ed Miliband to blow away the fog of remembrance to once again bring clear the reality of Her Majesty's Opposition - with a speech designed to placate the City and the financiers, you know, those organisations that elected him. (Note to self - western liberal democracy is not all it's cracked up to be.)

Ed Miliband. („Ed's speech on how we need fund...
Ed Miliband. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So Comrade Ed has made a speech to the City in the City of London. Let's stop here and ask a question or two. Who voted you in Ed? Who are you meant to represent? Who do you answer to? I think in theory it's meant to be the electorate but somehow the world has been turned upside down and the electorate don't really matter that much. Why has Comrade Ed not made a speech in the crap housing estates that governments of all colours seem to forget when investment and maintenance are discussed. Why has Comrade Ed not made a speech to the potential university students who have had that option taken away from them in the name of austerity and higher fees? Why has Comrade Ed not made a speech in front of those who have had their lives ripped apart by the cruelty of those who seek to give a kicking to those who they deem as workshy by their ATOS agents? Why has Comrade Ed not given a speech to those who in need of hospital and medical care who see their NHS handed piecemeal to financiers and shareholders?

I think the reason is that he has nothing to say to them. Nothing that Comrade Ed and his merry band have planned will in any way roll back the brutality of the ConDems. All that he can offer is more of the same - cut-backs, lower wages, rising prices, reduction of social security, lack of commitment to social housing, gulf between rich and poor, handing over the NHS to the private sector, dismantling of workers rights won by the unions. In all of this and more he can offer nothing different except in one way, it will be offered with a smile instead of a toff's sneer.

The reason why these career politicians love to get in front of the rich and powerful is because this is who they represent. The politicians represent capital, the multinationals, the shareholders, the investors, the hedge fund managers, the stockbrokers, the establishment. They don't want to get in front of the electorate, the working woman and man unless it's through the shield of the compliant media. You may have elected them but you are nothing to them.

So in his speech Comrade Ed talks about 'Predistribution'. Ooh, a new word, sounds a bit like 'redistribution' so must be good, eh? No, remember who Comrade Ed is speaking to? Yup, not the great unwashed masses of this nation but the unelected and select few that control the money. He's offering a sop to the voters and increased caviare and champagne to the city.

Let's see from the Lansbury's Dictionary of dodgy political machinations:

Predistribution - A sleight of hand act of enabling the rich to trouser more profit and steal more assets from the people whilst promising to bring more financial equality to a nation. Often used by so called Labour leaders to grease the palms of the wealthy and to prepare themselves for life in the boardrooms and the City after their political career.

Predistribution my arse.