Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Last Post

As the title says.

This will be my last post at Lansbury's Lido. I've finally decided to retire this blog to the heavenly archive or maybe I'll consign it to the fiery furnace leaving nowt but a shadow on the wayback machine.

It's been a good ride over the years, sharing my lefty thoughts on politics and current events, sharing posts and discussions, meeting some great comrades, and also some not so great, hoping for a great socialist future where peace and harmony reigns supreme!

Alas the wheels came off the bus as they say. Was it my expectations or viewing the possible futures through rose-tinted spectacles of memories past?

My Left was a Left of Keir Hardie, of George Lansbury, of Attlee and Bevan and the NHS, Of Eric Heffer and Tom Mann. A left of strong union leaders working with comrades to realise Clause 4! A Left where those whose labour and brain created the wealth got to share in and control the wealth. A Left open to all, from the hoary handed worker in the field to the academic in the ivory tower.

It's gone. All gone.

The elites in the main political left parties have suited and booted and embraced the creed of the Tories whilst deceitfully leaving the Red Flag flying. Those to the left outside of Parliament have dissolved into internecine disputes of funds and rape. The young have become intolerant caricatures, rallying to the latest sexy trend on Twitter and Facebook and forgetting those, the majority who they should be supporting and fighting for.

Those parties now seen as the hope for the Left are nothing but semi-fascist and engrossed in issues of singular importance to the minority.

¡No pasarán! was the cry to the capitalist behemoth. They shall not pass!

But whilst the Left scoured social media for another 'phobia' they could decry and hang their vendetta masks on the Tories and the economic elite built a bypass. The Left gesticulated from the crumbling B road as private capital roared past on the smooth undulating toll roads.

Modernity has been consumed by a fascist, intolerant liberalism and then vomited up as a postmodern pavement pizza. Facts have been swept under the carpet and tagged as bigotry. This is the Left now. Idiotic, childish and screwed up.

A man puts on lipstick, a dress and high heels and demands to be allowed into the women's changing room at Next. When he's not allowed he screams something ending in '-phobic' and the Left condemns the 'bigots' for not being accepting him as a woman.

Another person decides it's fabulous to suggest that #killallwhitemen is a grand thing to post on a Tweet for a business account and gets the hump when they're called out for it.

A good point to post my favourite graphic methinks.

Homoexuals in Iran swing from cranes at the behest of Shia clerics for the delight of the crowd. In Mosul homosexuals are thrown from buildings by Islamists of Daesh and stoned by the crowd if they have the temerity to survive the drop. In Britain Christians are dragged through the legal system for the heinous crime of wearing a cross or not wanting to bake a cake. And for the left we know which of these events generates the shrillest condemnation and thirst for vengeance.

After venting my spleen in this post I realise that my 'Left' hasn't changed. It's died a whimpering death and the title has been stolen by the fascist liberals. Dreams of economic control by the workers are no more.

It was good whilst it lasted.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Animals Matter - PPCs views on hunting

Came across this service from the League Against Cruel Sports where they offer a system where all your Parliamentary Prospective Candidates for the 2015 General Election in your constituency are contacted to find their views on aspects of hunting and animal welfare. The system works by the PPCs clicking on an email sent from me to select their views on the LACS website.

Thought I'd give it a punt as it's very easy to do. So I plug in my details and click the button to send.

In my constituency of Aldershot there are 5 candidates that appeared on the LACSs system.
  • Mr Carl Hewitt - Green
  • Mr Alan Hilliar - Liberal Democrat
  • Sir Gerald Howarth MP - Conservative
  • Mr Gary Puffett - Labour
  • Mr William Walker - UKIP
My emails went out at 11am on Saturday 14th March.

By 7:30 that evening I had an email. It was from Gerald Howarth, the sitting MP. As he said in his email he's a supporter of the Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, so he's no fan of the LACS. No surprises there and I don't expect he's shared his views with the LACS. To give him his due though he does respond promptly to communications. I've badgered him about stuff in the past and he's always got back pretty quickly.

What does surprise me is that none of the others have shown that they have even received my email. I know that this is a constituency where you could take a turd, roll it in glitter, pin an I Love Maggie badge on it and it'd soon be sitting on green leather in Westminster, but come on, no one else has even had the courtesy to respond.

Yes, I know the LACS request is loaded one way with regards to hunting and shooting but in an election year there's really no reason why Hewitt, Hilliar, Puffett and Walker couldn't have got off their arses and replied.


Saturday, 28 February 2015

Political Compass

Did a political test again at

Sort of fits as to where I see myself.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Got to love Mujica

English: José Mujica, Frente Amplio candidate....
Wise words from Uraguayan President Jose Mujica:
'A president is a high-level official who is elected to carry out a function. He is not a king, not a god. He is not the witch doctor of a tribe who knows everything. 'He is a civil servant. I think the ideal way of living is to live like the vast majority of people whom we attempt to serve and represent.'
Measure your political representatives against such a statement. None can stand.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Russell Brand and Question Time

Russell Brand
Russell Brand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For a long time now I've had zero interest in politics. I suppose I had the stuffing knocked out of me by the incessant stream of left of centre associates that seem to be striving to get their credentials for joining the Soviet Union's League of Militant Atheists. Sadly some people when hearing about 'faith' or 'God' or the like compartmentalise it all into some 'God box' that demands the most strident ripost. They seem to lose the ability to reason and discern whenever God gets mentioned and treat everything linked to faith as a monolithic entity, which it isn't. And in turn they appear to me to become more infantile and stereotypical in their behaviour and manners. One or two excepted of course. But that's why I've had no interest in politics for a long time now.

In the same vein the whole concept of celebrity bores me to tears. Take a 'celebrity' and it all comes down to behaviour to get media coverage and all the while the scenario is being manipulated behind the scenes by Svengali-like men who play the system to line their pockets.

So when Russell Brand appears yapping on about 'revolution', 'occupy' and other lefty mantras my blood freezes. The conjoining of celebrity, infantilism and a new book is just too much for me to bear.

Last night I caught the final few minutes of BBC's Question Time and saw Russell Brand looking rather deflated and perhaps sad amongt the Lab and ConDem clones who were spouting their parties mealy mouthed mantras. I certainly didn't see anything that got mentioned in the reviews or on Twitter regarding clashes and audience heckling. However I did look at Brand's Twitter feed and actually followed the link to his latest blog post where he talks about the show. And I have to say I now see him in a different light. Not the vacuous celebrity and, dare I say it a 'bit of a cock' but someone who underneath the veneer of the media circus actually cares about people. He was able to talk about Christians and people of faith without subconsciously turning into Uncle Joe, and he shows a real passion for humanity and people, as he says:
The Britain of the future will be born of alliances between ordinary, self-governing people, organised locally, communicating globally. Built on principles that are found in traditions like Christianity; community, altruism, kindness, love.
It's a breath of fresh air to find that sort of ethos amongst the left and it's really made a mark on me. So much so that I've even resurrected my Twitter account @lansburyslido.